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I wish I had learned this years ago. I would have been able to enjoy  fresh flowers in my home so much more.

The spring planter containing a primrose, tulips, crocuses, daffodils and hyacinth has been blooming in my living room for weeks, instead of lasting the usual few days. All that is necessary for this magic is some room in the refrigerator.  My apartment is very warm  cold temperature spring flowers, like tulips, expire very quickly. The solution is to put them in the refrigerator every night, and  when away from home during the day. If I keep them on the table only when I am awake  at home to enjoy them the life span of the flowers extends by an incredible amount of time.  A vase of cut flowers also lasts much longer.

It feels like a waste to buy flowers that expire while I am at work.  The refrigerator keeps them fresh till I get home. All flowers can be enjoyed for many more days.  A controlled test found that just using the refrigerator kept flowers fresh longer than any other trick