Chickweed and Watermelon

Author: helga


This is chickweed from my garden.  With recent rains, it has been growing faster than my vegetables. Surprisingly it is also tastier than some vegetables. Like we’ve done with dandelions,  for years we have been throwing this plant in the garbage along with it’s great taste and vitamins.  Chickweed  contains  calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium, silica, sodium, phosphorus potassium and zinc, It also contains some Vitamin A, some B vitamins  and a little vitamin C.  It tastes  like a fresher, crisper version of watercress.

A super fresh dish to serve on a hot day is a salad of watermelon with chopped chickweed. So good!



Chickweed can be added as an extra to green to most salads, to smoothies and to stir fries. They are a delicate plant and don’t stand up well to much heat, so add just shortly before serving if putting them into a cooked dish.

Chickweed has been used for its medicinal properties in herbal medicine. It can be used in tinctures and creams.

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