The kitchen is open

Author: helga


Spur of the moment purchases. Some women buy shoes that they fall in love with. Shoes that get pushed to the back of the closet and forgotten, loved but never worn. A new idea, a new domain name.  Here is my spur of the moment purchase, bought in 2010  with good intentions and never used.

Does the world need another cooking blog?  Well, we’ll see.  It’s time to let it live out in the world.  Like any life form, this blog will be an evolving project.

Food is one of the essentials of life. One that we have a complicated relationship with in our urban, industrial, corporate society.

Local food is popular. By local food we mean vegetables from the farmer’s market. We live in Canada where nothing we buy in the store or grow in market gardens is biologically indigenous food. In this country most of us have no idea what biologically local food might look like.

Our ancestors came from all corners of the world. On one street we can find restaurants that serve dishes from Ethiopia, Japan Lebanon, Thailand, India, Germany, Italy and more. Canada is a country where pierogies and samosa can be found on the same plate. The mix of cultures is who we are.

Our abundance of food and food chemistry has made us overweight and made us unhappy about food. On the other hand we look to super foods to make us healthier and stronger. We’ve created a difficult relationship with the essential nourishment of life.

Kitchens aren’t just about food, they are also about people, family and friends. Kitchens are where a lot of living goes on.  When I was a child laughing wasn’t allowed at the supper table.  At my ideal supper table there is lots of laughter, and many stories, discussions and opinions.

I hope you will join me in my kitchen.

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