Tomato Harvest Update

Author: helga

Biggest Tomato

I planted four varieties of tomatoes .  The Celebrity variety produced both the biggest tomatoes and the largest quantity. Some of the tomatoes were four inches across. The plant grew so tall and heavy the tomato cage couldn’t hold it up and tomatoes were still touching the ground.  The one Celebrity plant produced more tomatoes than the other three varieties combined. I can’t adequately compare the taste of varieties since they were  picked green and mixed together in the bin to ripen.

Tomato Harvest

Almost all the tomatoes ripened well after they were picked, even the small ones.  The first thing you notice when growing a garden is that vegetables aren’t  perfect like the ones in the store.  Remember, we’re not growing vegetables for magazine pages, we’re growing them for taste and nutrition. They are not models of perfection.

A few tomatoes had the lovely purple tint when they ripened.

I’m going to guess these were the Heirloom Cherokee Purple tomatoes. The plant only grew about a foot tall and produced maybe two or three good sized tomatoes. Perhaps it is  not suited to our northern climate. The tomatoes had a delicate, rich taste and I will definitely try to grow them again.

My favourite use for fresh tomatoes is chopped up with onions and herbs and served over pasta. Fresh and lightly sautéed, instead of boiled down into a sauce.

Fresh garden tomatoes with ravioli from the Italian Centre. Delizioso!

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