Tomatoes, Tomatoes

Author: Helga Sombrofsky
Last year's green tomatoes

These are last year’s green tomatoes picked before the big fall frost. If I kept a garden journal, I would know what variety this is. What’s done is done. Now it’s time for this year’s tomatoes.

Siberian Tomato

Greenhouses, grocery stores, and  home improvement stores are all selling plants at this time of year. How to choose? Italians have perfected all methods of cooking tomato sauce, so  Little Italy seems like the place to go.

Manitoba tomato

Zocalo  has racks and racks of tomato plants including many heirloom varieties.

Celebrity Tomato

Zocalo’s blog describes only a few of the  varieties that are available for planting. The Cherokee Purple Tomato seems particularly intriguing.

Siberian Tomato

I hope I will have some good results.


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